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Posted on 18th Sep at 8:26 PM

dude those malts at the habit are sooooooooo fucking good tho

Posted on 18th Sep at 8:24 PM

how come starbucks is so basic but actually bomb af like i would go and get a mochacacawhatever right now with no hesitation

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the ultra creepy fetishization of childlike behavior present in dd/lg culture is past something to make fun of that shit makes me sick to my stomach now

GO OFF JEREMY! (also the inherent incest and the instability of the authority dynamics in a relationship. A relationship should NOT have an authority figure.)

that shit is creepy as fuck i don’t understand how people can get into it like really think about it

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why did i pop vicodins right now i gotta go to work oh well they bomb

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like in what kind of situations do you have to put yourself in to meet a completely different person named cucaracha on more than one occasion

Posted on 18th Sep at 6:52 PM, with 1 note

i just realized how many different fools named cucaracha i’ve met throughout my lifetime and it’s just something to think about

Posted on 18th Sep at 3:38 AM

someone do my homework for me and i promise i’ll leave tumblr forever you’ll never hear from me again i swear

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Grab her booty in front of dudes who want her.

Grab her booty in front of women who want you.

That second one means so much.

this is kinda dumb but yes that second one does changes the whole context n whatnot

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one of those uncles that will be like “i bet you five dollars” on something and you’re like k and then you lose and you’re like yeah whatever dude and every time you see them they’re like “where’s my money???”

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over the years i’ve developed a very high alcohol tolerance like i’m one of those uncles at the function who chills by the cooler all day popping open beers and doesn’t eat anything unless there’s carne asada and is barely pedas but will keep saying “put the dodger game on” even though no one wants to watch it

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okay i need to stop being ridiculous and do my homework

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why food get cold but drinks get warm

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