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Posted on 1st Oct at 2:03 AM

hikiddys said: Happy Birthday lil mama

it’s tomorrow but thanks yo!!

Posted on 1st Oct at 1:35 AM, with 4 notes

haha my parents get mad when i eat a lot but they said they don’t want me to get any skinnier cause i’ll look anorexic lol like wtf

Posted on 30th Sep at 3:18 AM, with 6 notes

daddy/little girl kinks make me want to throw up and die homie like that’s fucking disgusting get that shit away from me

Posted on 30th Sep at 2:22 AM, with 3 notes

u ever look at ur face and just like nah

Posted on 30th Sep at 2:16 AM

i suck at everything i do lol

Posted on 30th Sep at 12:42 AM, with 4 notes

forever waiting for gatitajones to post selfies so i could reblog them and be like “zamn who dat? o wait dat bae lol”

Posted on 29th Sep at 10:14 PM

i’m so bored at work but i’m gonna miss sitting in an office when i go back to the hell hole

Posted on 27th Sep at 9:42 PM

or like a japanoise compilation pls

Posted on 27th Sep at 9:38 PM

my birthday is on wednesday and i could care less cause i don’t matter but if i could use this opportunity to ask people to buy me boris albums then yes i am going to do it cause yeah

Posted on 27th Sep at 5:21 PM

dude i’m always torn between having hair down/tying it up/tying it up with a hat like it’s such a crucial part of my actual outfit

Posted on 27th Sep at 4:35 PM, with 2 notes

i’ve never taken a shirt off from the neck in my life lol

Posted on 27th Sep at 2:18 PM

i can’t even remember how many times i listened to work last night

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