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Roy. 19. Los Angeles. Brown and down. Shred till you're dead. No era penal.
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I went to Guadalajara when I was 6 years old and my dad bought me some cowboy boots and a tejana and that’s all I would wear for like two months when I came back home.

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Her: Babe i’ve never seen you dance 

Me: Yeah umm you dont want to

Her: Please babe you know i find a man that can dance very sexy 

Me: Alright shit


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i feel bad for 5’11 boys like u were so close. u almost made it.

I barely made it past the 6’0 mark where is my trophy.

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You know you’re fucking weirdo if you actually enjoy listening to Mr. Bungle.

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I had a dream that I was rap battling this white kid and he was really good but I was better so I won.

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I miss skullxcrusher.

i miss you too dude we need to hang out at least five times before i go back to santa cruz lol. this weekend, go to the punk gig in bp or the grind show at bridgetown

i have plans this weekend but i’ll see if i could go to one of those things. dih you were like “i’ll go 2 ur house” but you never did.

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I forgot that I still had a braid in my hair.

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When people ask what’s the difference between playing bass with your fingers or with a pick I’m like finger picking is more like bum bum bum and a pick is like dun dun dun.

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One time I was really drunk and I started crying because I couldn’t tie my shoe.

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